4 Pics 1 Word Answers Updated

4-Pics-1-Word-AnswersGame Title: What’s The Word? 4 Pics 1 Word
Platform: Android
Developer: LOTUM GmbH
Current Version: 2.1
Release Date: February 4, 2013

What’s The Word? 4 Pics 1 Word Answers Updated
This version of the game was update on February 4, 2013. There are 71 new levels. You can find all the answers to these new levels on our 4 Pics 1 Word Answers page. You can also find the previous 183 level answers there too. The answers to these new levels have also been added to the What’s The Word Solver page.

More About What’s The Word? 4 Pics 1 Word
After photo and word game combo app, What’s The Word by RedSpell, shot to to the top 10 on iTunes for the iOS platform, it was only a matter of time before it showed up on the Google Play store. Enter LOTUM GmbH. They were the first one to get a version of the game up and running and it’s obviously paid off. Currently sitting at #1, LOTUM GmbH’s 4 Pics 1 Word is a huge hit.

The idea of the game is that you are provided with 4 images and you have to figure out what the common thread is, in the four images. It’s a simple concept. The game is fun to play and easy to learn. As the levels progress, they get more complicated which keeps more seasoned players engaged over time.


  1. olivia says:

    help! its 4 pics one word and i dont know what it is . fruit and veg in a heart shape, fruit and veg in a pile, and 2 factories

  2. Heidi says:

    I’ts “produce”

  3. Jen says:

    Why are my pictures in Whats the Word not matching what is on the website?

  4. Lisa says:

    receipt showing charges, calculator, stack of $1 bills, credit card…please help

  5. Zubaidah Sabree says:

    I am having a hard time with four pic level 351 money bills added up a credit card and credit card machine

  6. Avian Washington says:

    I need help it has a little girl picking something from the ground .a women with a lot of shoes in front of her. Like a lot of little Christmas cards. And something picking up a purple card.please help fast.THANKS

  7. Tammy J says:

    It helps if people would let us know how many letters are in the answer!

  8. neepa says:

    d d m d a y i r e l e k .. its a four letter word it contains pics of letter which is covered with brown paper and tied, a man and a woman standing with the parcel, a girl delivering the parcel and a boy holding the parcel box.Please reply me the answer since i was unable to find it.

  9. Kelly says:

    Level 288 – can’t figure it out and it is not listed anywhere!!! Smoke stack, prairie dog in dry dirt, view of the coast, plant in dirt????

  10. Cig fifty says:

    Money a person … Help

  11. Katie says:


  12. mhel says:

    i need help what is the answer 6 letters a hurricane, a DNA, ab optical illusion, and a stair that is circular.

  13. dans says:

    Money sheet of $100 bills, a new corvette, fancy wine being chilled in bucket, four gold stars a fifth in an upright circle. 7 letters. Using “m m p p e r d i g u”

  14. ashdeb says:

    level 566 people sitting on beach, 2 hearts in the sand, elfiel tower and a painting, letters are NAJCXBMRTMIO

  15. sherri says:

    I need help..
    Have a six letter word. There is a pic of a lady scholar(graduate), teacher with googly eyes pointing to blackboard, a man pointing finger at a boxer dog, and a brass statue of a boxer/kick boxer.
    Can anyone help me

  16. Kathy says:

    red stars, castle, little girl in easter costume and two people crossing the street in the dark

  17. Cathy says:


  18. Cathy says:

    What is 588? There are no updates on the cheats.

  19. lynn says:

    help…six letter word. pictures are color spectrum, color pencils, heart suit of cards, different shades of gray circles.

  20. Bazthompson says:

    7 letter word , disc with #1, voting paper, class of kids with hands up and 4 colours crossing over each other.
    Any help guys

  21. Christian says:

    i need help. 4 pics 1 word level 584, 6 letters, a ball with Pi labeled on it (almost all numbers of it), a lady watching tv and smiling, two jeeps offroading in the mud, tons of different entrance doors for houses, possible letters= BSRZGSINEGOE please help?

  22. aaron says:

    Here’s one for u I have an army person pointing a woman talking to guy with clipboard writing note a woman with what I think is a dictaphone and Chinese guy pointing at a Chinese girls computer its seven letters. The second to last letter is T. My letters are HATCIVLNNDE plus T which is already in place thanks

  23. jasmine says:

    I’m stuck on level 261 guys!!! There’s a guy holding a rugby ball in the air, what looks to be a dvd player, a red phone off it’s hook and a lady holding an envelope with a red ribbon bow on it.

  24. Sassy says:

    Pic of dice, nbr 69,dice and chips, roulette table
    The letters are Hcdrwanoefc

  25. Kathy says:

    Stuck???- snowy road, misty forest, snowy statue& a clear sea?????

  26. Ivan says:

    Level 53 for android updated version

  27. Patrick says:

    4 letters, Q F V J Q T S R T C N E K K I O H O U J F . The four pictures are, 3 thumb tacks, 1 fishing bobber, a little girl hiding her face and a man holding flowers behind his back with his hand up in the air showing two fingers. any help would be great Thank You

  28. Mel says:

    4 letter word. Pics of a castle. Pair of glass slippers. Drawing of 2 fair maidens and a woman holding a magic wand. YGARTLKZFEP Any help?

  29. zabrina says:

    need help…a little irl sitting in chair reaching out for something , looks to be an airplane fueling up in the sky, 2 birds on a tall wall , and a bunch of colored lines

  30. Yas says:

    I need help on 492 it’s a man with a hard hat, a Chinese girl, a woman at a desk with pen in her mouth and a horse it’s 7 letters pramhoeglif

  31. Yas says:

    Helpppppp 492 I’m stuck!

  32. aisling says:

    girl with toothpaste,a happer..aload of plugs and cabels and traffic lifts and signs HELP! 8 LETTERS

  33. Shilpa says:

    Help!! Cars seem to be in multi level parking, pyramid with colors and numbers, colored tetris game , 5 lettr word, SLEEVSLWFIQZ

  34. Jaz says:

    iPad 7 letters level 613; a woman behind a desk hands behind her head, a woman eating with a man; a woman in a store taking a pic of a product; and and open drawer with clothes in it; letters are : o p f n n t e b c b t k

  35. Bill says:

    7 letter word
    Newtons cradle
    Mixed fruit falling into bag
    Like a bunch of gray squares together
    And the 4th one is like a bunch of beads connected together, it’s orange
    Please help
    SOS thanks

  36. Jen says:

    Fruit falling into a grocery bag, maze looking picture, pendalion moving back and forth. 7 letters

  37. Tiffany says:

    5 letters
    Starts with s
    Looks like salmon, tuna, maybe calamari or onion rings?
    Please help

  38. steph says:

    Horse with carriage, white car, airplane, and an military tank. Help?????

  39. anne cann says:

    got a woman having a face massage, a cup of what looks like mint tea,towels candles and oils, and a woman meditating ???

  40. Sylvia says:

    A lady holding a mug with beer …a highway…a castle ….and the white house…

  41. Geena says:

    It has a lady using the ok sign with her fingers, a lady saying shh, a lady with her hand out flat and a lady with her thumbs up. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Geena says:

    Oh and its 7 words

  43. sue says:

    pandarimehukjolqjdyr 4 letters cord,pen drawing line , black twists , board with pegs

  44. Yvonne R Evan says:

    4pics 1wrd spiral shell, clock, mon-thurs on chalkboard, colorfull graph 6 letters IUWRCDZEMOLP help me!!!

  45. Tai says:

    4pics1word apple trees,woman in field having a picnic eating an apple, apples in a hamper, man holding a hamper full of apples 7 letter word… Any answers?? Thanks

  46. Kym says:

    Can someone please help me!!!! I’m on puzzle #659. The first pic is of a page in a book with writing that isn’t English. The second pic looks like a list of icons. The third pic is 2 knights in armor. The last pic looks like a metal statue of an archer. the letters are F E I E E O D O N L K G

  47. mercedes says:

    girl sitting on chair, ham, girl stretching, boy sitting by stump

  48. michaelle says:

    Help…..flag poles long table with chairs pics crowd of people…..
    6 letters ltpeipygznmm…

  49. Adrian says:

    I have a bathroom with a yellow sign “attention”, a plastic grey stool, 2 white things hanging on a wall with boxes above it and a yellow plastic container with what looks like a CD in it…what on earth is it because Ive looked all over this site

  50. gersey says:

    help a
    1st lady with shopping in her hand
    2nd drinking cocktails
    3rd putting petrol in cars
    4th lady eating apple.

  51. fatin says:

    help me,I’m stuck at level #470
    the pictures are:
    metal ball pendulum
    beam balance
    white art
    black board with something like magnetism theory
    any1 have any aidea what the answer is?

  52. tcyw says:

    help! level 122
    8 letter.
    1. child girl squish paste
    2. hammer to egg
    3. many plugs
    4. traffic lights and many sign board

    letters sellection is;


  53. Diana says:

    I need help with level 580a tank a car,aeroplane,horse and cart

  54. Cal says:

    An orange car, money, wine chilling, 5 gold stars

  55. Sinu says:

    I need help in 109

  56. Lee says:

    I have 4 pic 1 word for bb… different pics than these. Help please. 6 letter word. the fourth position is an “r”. Other letters N, U, O, S, H, E, D, S, Y, C, S

    2 nuke cooling towers with steam coming off at night, stream flowing over rocks, outlet on a red wall with something plugged in (but might not be electrical outlet), piece of paper with words that look like computer code.


    • JSG says:

      SOURCE nuclear and electrical power sources; source of a river; source code. Different pics from the old ones, you are right there.

  57. tracey says:

    four pics one word—
    picture 1 – house in field
    picture 2 – someone holding a drink
    pics 3 fild with lines and number and people on it
    pic 4 dogs running on field

    level 40 4 letters _A__

    letters available – TSRYGRSUOEDAUP

  58. onestie says:

    Help i need help 8 letter word im only on level21 4pics one word

  59. onestie says:

    A whole lit of kids holding hands! Kids raising there hands! Kids coloring & kids watching something level 21 8letter word 4pics one word

  60. vivianpalconan says:

    what will be the answer in level 365…pls help!
    thanks! :)

  61. Bobbie says:

    i am on level 498 and am stuck the 4 pics are a cat a child with 1 arm over his eyes a field of daisies and 3 trees with the sun behind them the letters are KSYTHXMNHYCRUFIJCGRL and it’s a 8 letter word and i have looked and there is nothing in the word solver or the what’s a word answers please help if you cant and tyvm

  62. rory says:

    i need help its an 11 letter word and the pics are a rose w/wedding rings,a guy carrying a girl in a white dress,a girl covering a guys eyes and giving him a present,and a heart shaped box of candy two glasses of wine wth a rose

  63. Amanda says:

    Please help! What’s the word picture of
    Prairie dog
    Shoreline of ocean
    Thank you!!

  64. nonso emmanuel says:

    Plz I need help. Am at level 260 and have a little boy picking shells at the beach,pairs of similar shoes and the answer starts with letter ‘s’

  65. anina says:

    can anyone help me ! I have a german wheat beet (paulaner) and a german sausage ,a german lady and a dwarf having beer .its an eleven letter word with b,t,t,e,e,o,o,f,r,k,s

  66. anina says:

    sorry its wheat beer

  67. Anina says:

    I need some help
    German lady
    German beer
    German sausage
    A dwarf
    11 letter word with letters tteeoofkrsz

    • JSG says:

      Seems like it would be Oktoberfest. Perhaps your game is not installed in English? Try playing with the spelling also recheck the letters you gave us.

  68. grace gina says:

    Please help me, no. 93, donut choco with sprinkles, multi-colored textile, multi-colored rose and multi-colored nail polish.

  69. Dorothy says:

    HELP. My level 194. 8 letters. T,k,L,r,I,a,e,s,o,o,c,p,a,n
    2kids science experiment. Crowd with arms up. Close up of skin with blemish. Man with messy hair
    Been stuck for 3 days!!!!!

  70. Ylana says:

    Please help what’s the one with the boy thinking a building some fish and some people doing stuff at a table

  71. rory says:

    having trouble wth 4 pics a little boy and girl. girl is taller, a woman grocery shoppng, a scale wth two hearts on 1 side and gold coins on the other, two old people at the eye Dr. the answer is ten letters the second letter is “o” and the remaining letters are u,q,c,n,i,s,p,a,r,m,s,o,and k pleeeeeeezzzz help

  72. rory says:

    having trouble wth level 3-52 its a woman sittin at the airport,traffic,a man and woman looking at their watch,and a stick man wth a clock that says running late pleeeeezzzzzeee help

  73. Nikki says:

    Stuck at Facebook 4 pics 1 word. Level 369. All four pictures have a slice or piece of different cake.
    8 letters

  74. Nikki says:

    4 Pics 1 Word Facebook
    Level 369
    8 letters
    E S E S Q J L R T A U H
    Different pieces or slices of cake in each picture.

  75. Hollie says:

    Honeycomb, Loaf of bread , Seats and Flags

    Thanks xxx :)

  76. andrea ballard says:

    Woman with polkadot shoes/ man spiked hair/for with sunglasses/ man with scarf on his head..7 letters……

  77. deb says:

    I’m on level 437 for facebook:
    Looks like a crowd at a concert with hands in the air.
    A hand holding different symbols and signs.
    A colorful ocean view with coral and fish.
    Yellow shoes on top of a purse.

  78. greys says:

    us flag
    rainbow colored heart
    uniform with us flag
    canada logo

  79. Tzille says:

    4 words chipmunk, guy with nose and ears clipped, kid with his hand to his nose, and a dog with its head in a jar.

  80. kristine says:

    pls help me with a ball,a pine tre wit an old man using telescope

  81. kristine says:

    5 letters ..this are the letters N,G,I,A,D,R,A,I,E,E,P,R…A SOCCER BALL,WITH AN OLD MAN A SMALL TREE

  82. kristine says:


  83. sue says:

    6 letter word letters are LLVEWXVYHONF pictures are dog in the middle of street with rain falling, tree all alone in a desert, women sitting on a red park bench holding open umbrella and mountain scene with water and rocks and trees. I tried all the pictures and all the word searches and it is not yellow. frustrated!

  84. Ron says:

    Need help with puzzle 891. Six letter word. Pictures are of two guys shaking hands, hands shaking in front rock wall, group of three people on there knees waving. Letters are: aypdgesocc

  85. BEVERLY says:

    4 PICS:


  86. reba says:

    need help please,,,nurse with xray. emergency sign at hospital, boy on ground in pain and woman and girl sitting in chairs girl has hand up to herface…hope you can help thanks

  87. patricia says:

    pls hyelp me :::: heart shaped bread spreading mayonaise,a food like lasagna,a girl with the peacock hair (standing up),a bird with a long wings

  88. patricia says:

    the possible letters is:::: s,i,p,d,r,e,w,m,g,n,c,

  89. Sarah says:

    5 letter word… Toothpicks, thumb tacks, man tuning his fingers through his hair, and a building… Thanks ahead of time :)

  90. JSG says:

    I can try to help anyone with new words once they post all the given letters and number of squares with a good description of their four pics. The app name, puzzle level # or device is less important as they don’t really help. Please describe “people” as much as you can think. Number of people and scene with old/young and how they are dressed is better than just saying “a guy” or some people. If the guy is in military clothing in the jungle then say so. A soccer team is better than “some people” or a bunch of kids playing.

    The more detail you give, the better chance somebody will be able to help. Only the older clues are easy with bad info …sometimes.

    • Susanne says:

      word has 7 letters, available are: f a o b c t h z n r i e
      pictures:teacup with yellow flowers, blue flower (looks like a larkspur or delphinium), something dried spilling out of a glass jar (mushrooms?), closed yellow flower buds
      level 12 playing on facebook
      Any ideas???? Would be very much appreciated :-)

      • JSG says:

        ACONITE for Susanne’s (I remember posting this answer before but I don’t see it here now)

        ALFALFA for Myriam’s below in case this site won’t allow me to post again in this section.

    • Myriam says:

      7 letters : c a g l a a f v s f l d and 4 pics: 1. purple flowers (bunch) 2. bowl with green plant 3. green plant 4. bunch of some green plants too :( thank you for helping

  91. Wendy says:

    Having problems solving this one.

    Skier doing a sommersault – shown in different positions
    A chocolate bunny shown whole and then parts of it disappearing – looks like its being eaten.
    5 matchsticks, 2 are burning the other 3 are burnt out.
    A seddling plants growing shown at different stages.

    8 letter word.

    Letters are: I,S,U,R,E,E,I,J,C,N,E,Q

  92. Heather says:

    HELP Please 4 pictures all containing white daisies

    8 letter word

    using these letters:MDZAQOKWYEICLXSXMJAB

  93. George says:

    8 letters – v m l o s i e k c m a – m is the 3rd and 5th letter – a single daisy in the forefront – a field of daisies in the forefront – a bowl of daisies but you can only see four – a spilt bowl of dried daisy centres

  94. Zina says:

    Ok, PLEASE help. I’ve been stuck more than a week on this one. There are four pictures of different types of flowers. It is 7 letters BAMOOXTTSLE. One flower is red and looks like a sunflower. Another red flower, but it is kind of closed up. A purple flower, maybe a tulip. And last is a lavender colored flower looks like a snowball cluster of purple flowers. You only see the flower itself, not the stems or any of the greenery. I have guessed until I’m out of options even tried cheating by entering the letters and it came up with nothing.

  95. cissy says:

    6 letters for pics: Purple flower, coral flower petal, pinkish flower blossom… NROLRASBMCO.

    It’s not salmon, colors, corals, armors, oralbs ( words search not helping) Thanks.

  96. Amy says:

    6 letters. The pictures are of flowers, all red or purple in color. One of the flowers are like cherry blossoms, another looks like it’s covered with pollen.
    Letters given: c m f p t o t j r a q m s l a j o b q x

    Please help!!

  97. Tina says:

    4 pics…letters v f u a I d c v c j h…flowers (possible letter or stationary) mans suit with red tie
    lady in red dress with curly hair, stage with red seats and curtain

    • JSG says:

      Tina, you haven’t said how many letters but the info you gave is one letter away from Fuchsia or Vivid and lots of other possible words.

  98. guen says:

    i need help plss answer it ….. what is the answer of 4pic 1word have a marshmallow,bed,sky and rabiit
    …….. !!! plss help me πŸ˜€ thank you

  99. Amber says:

    What is mine if my pictures are 2 people sitting on a desk a golf ball a fish that looks cooked on a plate and 5 people looking like they are working out doing push UPS?? It’s level 33

  100. Don says:

    Six letters …puzzle 540..
    Cammomile tea
    Sugar being poured into milk
    White teacup
    Bag with lavender

  101. stephanie says:

    6 letters the pics are sweetener packet pouring into glass. Lavender. Camomilla tea packet. And sugar packet pouring into a tea cup the letters are pwwwhkactefs The word is not packet I tried that

  102. Barbi says:

    Hi. I need some help, please.
    It’s a 7 letter word. There are the pics:
    -frozen cherries
    -a bunch of small, red fruit
    -purple flowers
    -a bunch of cherries
    The letters are:
    S, S, S, S, E, E, O, O, N, A, P, R
    Thanks in advance.

  103. deb says:

    need help with level368 coca cola, 3 glasses with bubbles…5 letters,,,iyesrzzrfx.

  104. sierra says:

    Help please its a pic of drums beeing beat on a mardi gras maskwhat liiks like an exotic doncer in a blue dance uniform and a band beating on drums

  105. Tracy says:

    5 letter word
    Pictures: 1. Swimming pool marked off for races
    2. Bamboo pipes with ends notched out for pouring or draining
    3. Something that looks like a wormhole in space or a dark tunnel
    4. Some kind of magnified picture that looks like either the inside of a canyon
    or flower petals. It is a desert color.

  106. CRC says:

    Level 120 6 letters picture of a packet of Camomilla, package of powdered milk being poured into a glass, package of sugar being poured into a tea cup, cloth bag tied with a blue ribbon sitting on a rock with purple flowers around it. HELP What is the word?

  107. CRC says:

    7 letters – A man with glasses sitting in front of a computer internet background, a car’s dashboard with a green bottle, a STOLEN PROPERTY sign, a woman in black that looks like she is climbing in a window with a rope around her neck – letters are A,A,E,I,D,F,G,J,L,L,L,V. Help!!!

  108. Karen says:

    Please help me pic #388 has group of soldiers with hands behind there back. Doctors and nurses standing in group with folders in there hand. pic of girl from her shoulders down in black dress. Guy talking to girl she is smiling looks like she is showing him something on black book.

  109. Doreen says:

    Two white hearts, different piles of colored rocks, rock tower on the beach, three green plants: flevibjesbpf

  110. Nisa says:

    Need Help !! 7 Letters , high heels , crowd , flowers inside of crocodile’s mouth and a lady wearing sun glasses with some bling bling in the right side of sun glasses ! R,b,a,h,e,a,j,o,g,n,s,,c
    Tried the word solver but the result only oranges which is wrong :(

  111. I love this cheat sheet!!!! You guys rock!!!

  112. Jessica nance says:

    I LOVE this game! You guys know what your doing! Thank you so much! Jessica nance

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